Hello! I am a researcher in computer vision and machine learning. My present research focus is understanding visual representations. I blog about similar topics and also maths and programming in general.

Presently, I am an AI Resident at Facebook AI Research working with Dr. Ari Morcos and Priya Goyal. Before this, I was master’s student at the University of Guelph and Vector Institute, working with Prof Graham Taylor at the Machine Learning Research Group. Even further back, I was a research assistant at the Visual Computing Lab at the Indian Institute Of Science working with Prof Anirban Chakraborty and Prof Anand Mishra. I did my bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian Institute Of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad in 2017. I have also spent time working in the industry either working or collaborating with NEXT-AI Toronto, Layer6 AI Toronto, Shell R&D Center Bangalore, HyperWorks Imaging Bangalore and Samsung Research Institute Delhi.


  • [March 2022] Gave an invited talk at the Analogical Minds seminar on our Neural Structure Mapping paper. Talk available on Analogical Minds YouTube channel
  • [Jan 2022] Defended my master’s thesis on “Inductive Biases in Higher-Order Visual Cognition.”
  • [Nov 2021] Invited to participate in the Breaking into AI: Industry Speaker Panel. Available on University of Toronto Machine Intelligence Group YouTube channel
  • [Nov 2021] Our paper on Neural Structure Mapping was accepted to NeurIPS 2021 Shared Visual Representations in Humans and Machines Workshop
  • [Oct 2021] Our extended paper on Neural Response Time analysis was accepted to Applied AI Letters journal
  • [Sep 2021] Started as an AI Resident at Facebook AI Reseach
  • [Aug 2021] Our paper on generating scene graphs with transformers was accepted to the International Conference in Computer Vision 2021 for a poster presentation
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  • [April 2021] Started as a Scientist in Residence for the NEXT AI startup accelerator
  • [Oct 2020] Started as an instructor for LearnAI course at the University of Toronto
  • [Aug 2020] Attended the MIT-CBMM Summer School on Brains, Minds and Machines 2020 virtually
  • [July 2020] Attended the CIFAR Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Summer School 2020 virtually
  • [June 2020] Our paper was accepted to CVPR 2020 Minds vs Machines Workshop for an oral presentation
  • [Jan 2020] Joined the Machine Learning Research Group at University of Guelph as a graduate research assistant
  • [Nov 2019] Volunteered and presented our work at the International Conference in Computer Vision 2019 in Seoul
  • [Sep 2019] Started MASc in AI at the University of Guelph. Thankful to receive the Vector Scholarship and JN Tata Scholarship
  • [Aug 2019] Attended the Bayesian Methods in Deep Learning Summer School 2019 in Moscow
  • [July 2019] Attended the Machine Learning Summer School 2019 in London